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Clarksville Flower Station

The Roy G. Biv

The Roy G. Biv

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Add a burst of color to any occasion with this vibrant bouquet of rainbow blooms. Our expert designers will carefully choose the freshest, seasonal flowers to create a unique and stunning arrangement just for you. Please note, flower selections and vases may vary based on budget and availability. Contact us for special requests.

 Picture shown is size Classic.

  • Classic arrangements  would be a good fit for most dining tables that seat 6-10 guests, and make great gifts for most occasions.
  • Grand arrangements are appropriate when you want something large that will make a statement, or will make heads turn upon delivery. These arrangements would be great on kitchen islands, event registration tables, or in smaller lobbies or entryways.
  • Stunning arrangements are not only custom works of art made only by our most skilled and experienced designers, but they contain a large variety of some of the most special blooms that nature has to offer.
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