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Clarksville Flower Station

Citrus Smiles

Citrus Smiles

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Indulge in the joy of friendship and love with Citrus Smiles. Each bouquet is uniquely designed by our experienced artisans, featuring fresh, seasonal flowers that will brighten anyone's day. Our selection may vary, but we guarantee the utmost quality and beauty. Contact us for specific requests.

Picture shown is size Classic.

  • Classic arrangements  would be a good fit for most dining tables that seat 6-10 guests, and make great gifts for most occasions.
  • Grand arrangements are appropriate when you want something large that will make a statement, or will make heads turn upon delivery. These arrangements would be great on kitchen islands, event registration tables, or in smaller lobbies or entryways.
  • Stunning arrangements are not only custom works of art made only by our most skilled and experienced designers, but they contain a large variety of some of the most special blooms that nature has to offer.


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